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Why Use Only One Real Estate Company?

Why Use Only One Real Estate Company?

Why Use Only One Real Estate Company?

So, if there are lots of real estate companies to choose from, why use only one real estate company? Why not use them all? There are many reasons to use one real estate company. And, this article will touch on a few of those reasons. Interestingly, you should keep in mind that, most companies carry the same inventory. Subsequently, find a company you can trust to advise you through the process from start to finish. Subsequently, you will save a lot of time and a lot of energy in that process.

Trust, experience and professionalism

Firstly, and most importantly, you need a company you can trust. You must feel a bond with your agent and like their personality. First impressions are usually correct. In addition, there are many real estate companies in Hua Hin that set up over night and are gone the next day.

Moreover, these tend to be Facebook pages, Line pages and temporary websites. And, worse, agents that sell property in bars and restaurants. So, choose a company you can trust that has been around a long time. What is more, the longer they have been around, the better they will be known in the town. Reputation is everything when it comes to real estate. All companies should be accountable and traceable should an issue later arise.

Secondly, experienced companies that have been around a long time have up-to-date listings. Alternatively, a lot of companies use a ‘catch and bait’ method. This means that they will advertise property that is not actually for sale, usually at very low prices. But, once you enquire they have your details. So, this is not an honest start to a relationship, especially if your life savings are concerned.

Thirdly, deal with real people. Make sure you deal with a company that has a physical office. Moreover, make sure they have photos of their staff on their website. And, call them on the phone to chat. In addition, this ensures you can also be sure of professional pre and after-sales service.

The same inventories

Finally,  as mentioned, almost all of the real estate companies in Hua Hin, Thailand, carry the same inventory. So, make sure you do your diligence. Research on Google. Then, research some more. And, find out which companies have been around the longest. Also, make sure they look professional and communicate in a professional manner. It takes a long time to earn a good name in real estate. And, if they all have the same inventories, you should stick with one you like and trust.

So, why use only one real estate company? Hopefully, the above reasons have given you an insight. Most companies carry the same inventory so find a company you really trust. Moreover, make sure they are professional, friendly, polite and non-pressurizing. In addition, take your time. Then, take some more time. Forewarned is forearmed.

There is no need to use use multiple real estate companies. Choose carefully then choose one!




Andy Dyett

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