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 I wanted to reintroduce myself as some will have noticed or heard that I have returned to my own original company as Hua Hin Property 2009 Co, Ltd. Nothing changes in respect to the information I offer and my goal is and has always been to offer readers advice and support within the property sector of this growing town.

A little further insight into me as a person, I moved here some 19 years ago with my 2 small children who were both schooled here in the early years of their lives (I now have a third child!). During the early business years 2004-2009 I was partnered up with a larger localized real estate company which was extremely successful prior to the 2008 downturn. After this moment I chose to branch out with my own business and set up Hua Hin Property Co; Ltd where eventually I selected two new partners to assist with the new buyers suddenly visiting Hua Hin. Through this time from 2009 we thrived on being the local, knowledgeable agency that was all based around trust and confidence within the property market, working with a lot of referrals within the Hua Hin community. With new buyers we also experienced new forms of ownership for buyers and to this day these continue to be improved so investors as well as retirees can enjoy the benefits that Hua Hin has to offer.

Over recent years I allowed and strong internet based real estate business to assist me with leads due to the downturn in direct visitors during the pandemic however I feel now I am in a strong position to offer a more personal service once again where I can have less volume of leads and be more focused on the requirements of individuals. Spending longer with the buyer and creating a real confidence and comfort throughout the entire process.

My strengths are certainly that I visit the legally established law firms to fully understand the process and if legal changes have been made to support buyers then with this I can truly offer with confidence the property the buyers desire. Buying isn’t difficult but it is something that isn’t easily researched due to provisional law aiding various circumstances. With all due respect I know many feel they know the options but I do find the vasy majority are still poorly advised in these matters.

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Had the pleasure of meeting Andy and his professional team, very informative and made sure the whole process of buying was done hassle free. Great job
by Phil Holbrook
Excellent job in selling my condominium. Literally only a few days from losing to deposit. Incredible
by John
Sold a condominium
We as a couple were initially a little nervous of the process but with great advice and professional service we totally enjoyed our experience. Great work
by Gian Franco and Carmen
bought a house with OPH

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